Meet The Team

Kaylee is the Administrative Director for Life for All International. She has always had a heart for the unborn and feels extremely grateful to be able to work in an area that she feels so passionately about. She graduated in spring 2020 with an associates in paralegal studies and is pursuing a degree in International relations.

Blake Lindley


2015 - Present

Blake Lindley lives in Norman, Oklahoma with his wife, Carol Ann and two sons, Jordan and Marcus, where they are members of Trinity Baptist Church. It was in Norman that he received his bachelors' degree from The University of Oklahoma in 2007. After graduation, Blake and Carol Ann spent two years in North Africa with the IMB sharing the love of Jesus. He has also served as a Trustee for Lifeway Christian Resources and now serves as the President and Founder of Life for All International, a pro-life nonprofit ministry dedicated to sharing the gospel and saving lives.

Kaylee Gordoni

Director of Operations

June, 2019 - Present

Kaylee is the Director of operations for Life for All International. She has always had a heart for the unborn and feels extremely grateful to be able to work in an area that she feels so passionately about. She has a degree in Paralegal studies and is now working on a bachelors in International Communications. Kaylee overseas day to day operations, finances, legal, regional offices, policies, procedures, HR, etc. 

Janna Gordoni

Director of Marketing, Creatives & Events

June, 2019 - Present

Janna loves creating new things and is always working on a new project to challenge her skills and creativity. She also loves to cook, bake, spend time with family, and enjoys working out and playing sports. She has a huge heart for justice and is always standing up for the underdog. Janna also founded and runs a nonprofit ministry called Modern Daughter which is dedicated to speaking a biblical perspective into the difficult things that many women and girls struggle with on a daily basis. In addition to Marketing,  Janna also oversees all creative aspects of our ministry, including event details and planning.

Lori Gordoni

Administrative Assistant & Director of Donor Relations

October, 2019 - Present

Lori Gordoni, is a mother of 13 children. She and her husband Don are from Norman, Oklahoma. At LFAI, Lori manages much of the communication with donors, churches, and other pro-life organizations worldwide. In addition to home schooling and managing a large household, Lori has held administrative roles at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary School of Music in Louisville, Kentucky and Trinity Baptist Church in Norman, Oklahoma. Lori has her own crisis pregnancy story. When Lori was 18 years old, she became pregnant and was told “we can take care of this” by a physician at a university clinic. Fortunately Lori made the right choice but her experience has given her a special passion for pregnant women in difficult circumstances.

Board Members

Ryan Polk



Associate Pastor at Trinity Baptist Church

Jennifer Jackson


Teresa Gerber



John Kiosterud


Financial Advisor

at Arvest Wealth Management

Dillion Pospisil

2020- Present

Nonprofit Consultant


Niel Lambrecht

 After spending over 22 years in the Air Force, Neil, his wife Gayle, son Mark, and daughter Audrey settled in Norman Oklahoma, and are members of Trinity Baptist Church. He received his bachelors in Business, and enjoys strategizing on ways to work together as a team to achieve desired goals. Neil enjoys spending time with his family, mountain bike riding, playing tennis. He looks forward to his date nights with Gayle, fishing with Mark, and doing art and photography with Audrey. Neil has always had a heart for unborn child, and has a strong desire to help those in need. Over the years, he has served as a Coach for Upward Basketball, local Youth Associations and has focused on building character, encouraging each other to be the best they can be, and to work together as a team. He has also served on various committees that have been focused on ministering to the body of Christ, and the local community.