European Partner Ministries

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Pro-Baby Center (Za Bebe) is located in Belgrade, Serbia. It was founded in 2012 by Mila Todorovic. The center exists to promote life while supporting and ministering to women in crises pregnancy. Since 2012, Mila Todorovic has been involved in counseling women and has organized several events to promote the sanctity of human life in the region. Her heart is to grow the ministry in Belgrade. Currently, the Pro-Baby Center is the only pro-life ministry in the entire capital of Belgrade.


A Place for Me is located in Novi Sad, Serbia. This center is located in the city center and is committed to helping women in crises. This ministry is focused on reaching out to pregnant women who are in crises. They support women through all the stages of pregnancy and offer services ranging from counseling to providing hygiene products for these new babies; the center also has a new ministry for mothers to be. They have rented an apartment where women can stay while they are pregnant in order to support them during this challenging time in their lives. In the past year, the Choose Life Center has expanded this ministry with God's faithfulness and will to continue to expand in the future. 


The Choose Life Center in Croatia, is located in Daruvar, a small resort town located in the mountainous region of Croatia. The center is run by Anita Jovanovic and has been in operation since 2015. This center is a place where women from the capitol city of Zagreb can come to focus on their pregnancy while receiving healing care.