3 easy steps to create your own page.






1. Click the "Start Crowdfunding" button above

2. Click "Create my own fundraising page". Email with new page link will be sent.

3. Open link in email, edit page to your desire and share. It's quick & easy! 





What is crowdfunding?

This is when people associated with an organization reach out to their own personal contacts using social media such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. 


Is crowdfunding secure?

YES! We use DonorPerfect a nationally recognized and highly secured giving portal. So you can be sure that those donating are safe and secure. 


Is crowdfunding easy? 

YES! Everything is already created for you. All you have to do is personalize your page the way you want and then share on your social media. It's really that easy!


When should I crowdfund?

Anytime! There is no right or wrong time to crowdfund. Since you are reaching out to your social contacts in a very unintrusive way you can be sure they will not feel obligated or pressured to give. Birthdays, anniversaries, remembrances, & celebrations are also great opportunities to give. 


What are the benefits of crowdfunding? 

You have spent hours creating and managing your online presence. Crowdfunding allows Life for All to get in front of an audience that we otherwise would not have the opportunity.  Even if someone does not give they are now aware of Life for All and that this ministry matters to you!