Blake Lindley

Serving Jesus Christ around the world together with you in pro-life advocacy to save lives for time & eternity. 

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Thank you so much for considering a partnership with me and my ministry. My desire is that your giving is in line with God's will for you and your family. If you are a committed follower of Christ and are giving faithfully to your local fellowship than I would humbly accept any amount that the Lord would lead you to give.  


The call that God has placed on my heart is to bring Him the largest amount of glory possible. I believe every Christian is called to ministry and to the advancement of God's kingdom.


God has called me to bring Him glory in my marriage to Carol Ann and raising my two sons Jordan & Marcus. In addition to this, God has called me to be faithful in ministering to my local fellowship of Christ at Trinity Baptist Church in Norman. The full-time ministry that God has called me to in addition to these areas is international pro-life advocacy. I consider myself in many ways a pastor & missionary.


Around the world, there are many Christians who love the Lord but have never heard the truth about being created in God's own image. Many also do not know when life begins or how it develops in the mother's womb. This lack of teaching & training leaves the global church vulnerable to the lies and deceit of Satan and the culture of death around it. I also feel a burden to help the global church reach its own community with the gospel & healing that comes through Christ.